Top 5 Gregory Peck Films Not Enough People have Seen!

It is easy to forget how good of an actor Gregory Peck was until you revisit his filmography. He can come off as stilted and wooden in some of his roles, I would say even in his best known films such as CAPE FEAR (Robert Mitchum carries that film) and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

However in material written for his strengths and weaknesses, and with a director who got him, he could produce some stunning work in stunning films,

Here I think are his best and most often overlooked/unexplored films.


Ok, onto the list:

1. THE GUNFIGHTER (1950)When you make a list of the best westerns, this has to be in the argument. Really underated and underseen, brilliant bit of a western. Should be on the same shelf as the better known HIGH NOON.
2. MOBY DICK (1956)

3. THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL(1978)The webpage will not show this image anonymously.


The webpage will not show this image anonymously.
5. THE OMEN (1976) tied with THE BRAVADOS(1958)


You can view some of these courtesy of Amazon Prime. The rest via DVD or Bluray. Enjoy!

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