The Best of Boutique Blu-ray Labels in the age of Streaming! Oct 2019 to February 2020 SCREAM FACTORY Collection Update!

Despite claims of the death of physical media, Blu-ray Boutique labels, HERE IN 2020, are putting out some of the best physical content… EVER!

Here then are MUST OWN Blu-rays in the age of streaming and digital, acquired between October 2019 and February 2020!

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While the Criterion Collection is the most well known Boutique or Quality Curated Dvd/Blu-Ray label, I have to start this collection overview with Scream Factory (Shout Factory’s sub-brand devoted to producing deluxe, Collector’s Edition level releases of great, interesting and neglected Horror and Sci-Fi films), simply because Scream Factory’s stunning Steelbook releases in 2019 got me back into seriously collecting Physical media after several years of only getting 3 or so titles a year.

The first title I purchased from them, being their stunning Steel-book release of John Carpenter’s THE THING, arguably John Carpenter’s Greatest film, and one of the great landmarks in horror cinema. And that combination, quality remastered Blu-ray films, with tons of special features, but finally in high quality, presentation appropriate cases, just revitalized for me the feasibility and attractiveness of Blu-ray (no longer those ugly blue-branded, covered in cheap paper cases, but something that doesn’t look like it belongs in a college frat house) in the age of streaming.

Scream Factory’s Steel-book of THE THING was the spark that revitalized my interest in physical media. From 2018 when I bought about 3 movies on Bluray., compare that to the last few months of 2019 to right now in February of 2020, and  I have purchased easily over 50 titles in that short period of time.

Yes I may have a problem. 🙂 DARN YOU SCREAM FACTORY!!!! :).

But seriously, what follows are the gems I have picked up and would not have known to start looking for,  save for the great Blu-Ray Youtube community! DARN YOU, YOUTUBE BLU-RAY COMMUNITY!!! :).

Jokes aside, this installment will cover the titles for each label that I have picked up in my splurge to-date. Starting with the impetus…


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As I said THE THING steel-book was my gateway drug to get me back full-force into Physical media, and this is an excellent release. I will say it does highlight that you can’t just trust hype. 4K scan, 2k scan, 1080p remaster, what matters is who does the remaster, and the effort and care that goes into it. Unfortunately the 4k scan version of the film, is entirely inferior to the included earlier cinematographer approved 2K version.



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So not a huge amount of Scream Factory films, but a simply essential selection of films. With more to come!


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