Movie Trailers! The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent for the first two months of 2020!

Wow, it is already closing in on the end of February 2020, so thought now would be a good time to touch base on the trailers that have landed in 2020 so far, and seperate the great from the blah! 🙂 Now this is just rating the trailer itself, the actual tv show or movie may be great or awful, but all that is being reviewed here is the trailer.

Let us get to it! Thanks to MOVIE TRAILERS SOURCE for these trailers in one location.


DRACULA -Loved the BBC/Netflix trailer, thought it was brilliant, and the 3 part miniseries lived up to the greatness of the trailer. Early contender for my mini-series and trailer of the year.


The webpage will not show this image anonymously.GANGS OF LONDON– Trailer started pretty by the numbers, but quickly went where I wasn’t expecting, and just kept building the insane energy and action. This is a FANTASTIC trailer, and if the movie (or is it a mini-series) can live up to it, it is going to be a must see.

The webpage will not show this image anonymously.RUN THIS TOWN – What the film is about, seems murky at best, and I hate the poster, but despite that the trailer… is really quite compelling and imaginative. It makes me intersted in watching a film I know nothing about.

ALTERED CARBON Season 2 – I tried watching ALTERED CARBON Season 1, I could not get past the first couple episodes. This trailer in a couple minutes, makes me want to definitely see season 2, and maybe go back and give season 1 a try. That’s the power of a good trailer.

RESISTANCE – It is a trailer that in scant moments defines its name, in a surprisingly heartfelt way. And makes you want o give the film a viewing.

The webpage will not show this image anonymously.THE WITCH:SUBVERSION – the trailer compare this to the VILLAINESS. I am not a fan of the VILLAINESS, and I may not be of this movie, but just going on the trailer…. absolutely awesome!!!! Can’t wait to see if the film lives up to the trailer.

RADIOACTIVE – We live in an age of marvels, and have forgotten, that we always have. And the most marvelous thing of all… is people.  A great trailer, for a great real life tale of marvels and places beyond which… there be dragons.



BABA YAGA- It is not a great trailer, but I am a HUGE fan of this director. I have seen all 3 of his previous films and have enjoyed them all, though his first to date, QUEEN OF SPADES has been his best, with subsequent films all taking a progressive step down from that first film. Also, I do not love this trailer, the putting kids in jeopardy thing not a genre I’m too interested in, but would like for this to be a great film. Time will tell.

SURVIVE – Ok little teaser trailer.

NEZHA- Animation, particularly anime is generally not my thing, but Great graphics, fun voice acting.

SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL – A fun reimagining of the great 80s TV series.

CODA – Charming looking film.

The webpage will not show this image anonymously.ALIEN OUTBREAK – I like how the trailer was a mashup of a lot of horror ideas


ZERO ZERO ZERO -intriguing trailer.





CUT THROAT CITY Official Trailer 2 – intriguing little new generation mashup of BOYZ IN THE HOOD meets NEW JACK CITY, while not quite pulling off the interest (at least in the trailer) of either of those movies. Still a decent trailer.

TRANSFERENCE – At first I thought this was a trailer for NEW MUTANTS, a lot of these films seem to dovetail together. OK looking trailer, but does not really set itself apart.

THE IRON MASK – Do not have much interest in seeing this film, but the trailer was fun.

THE FRENCH DISPATCH – Wacky, imaginative looking trailer. Not really sold on the film, will have to see what the reviews look like, but yeah, nice trailer.

INSTAPSYCHO – I am not the audience for this movie, as I could not care less about teen psycho drama, but the trailer was ok.




OCTOBER FACTION – trailer did nothing for me. it is reminiscent of too much else out there that already exists, and this trailer offers nothing new. And the family dynamic, in the few seconds I found cloyingly contrived and annoying rather than interesting.

FOX HUNT DRIVE – two minutes after watching it I could barely recall the trailer or title, which has more to do with the blandness of the trailer, than any early onset dementia on my part. 🙂

BATMAN Teaser Trailer- I’m looking forward to this movie, but there is not enough here to even be called a teaser trailer. The costume doesn’t look great in that tight closeup, but there is not enough there to see, or really make an opinion on, so the teaser trailer is a waste of time.

THE ALPHA TEST- A competent enough trailer, I just have no interest in movies about people putting robots/AI’s in their home, mistreating them, and thinking anything but bad things will come of it. Mary Shelly, said everything you need to know on that subject 202 years ago. So watching stupid people, make stupid decisions, not worth my time.

SLEEPING IN PLASTIC – not interested

THE VAST OF NIGHT – this may be a good show, but I could not tell that by the trailer. The trailer bored me. Never a good sign,

UNDOING – Lots of big stars, but surprisingly uninteresting trailer


Those are my trailer hits and misses so far for 2020! What about you? Do you have a favorite or least favorite trailer I haven’t yet mentioned? If so leave your comments or send an email. Thanks and leave a like if you enjoyed this.

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