Movie of the Day : GUNS AND GUTS (1974)

Las viboras cambian de piel (1974)


GUNS & GUTS (1974): I didn’t know what to expect with this 1974 Spaghetti western directed by Rene Cardona, but 8 minutes in and I am sold on it. I really enjoy the economy of its storytelling, as it almost wordlessly moves you from jail break, to vendetta hunt. What would be perceived as a weakness in most any film, the lack of any captivating stars as the protagonists (the two main protagonists are almost uniformally nondescript), here gives the film a terse veracity.

The sense that these would be the nondescript, amoral men who survive by the gun. There is something strangely unformulaic in following the adventures of men, who in other films would be the fleeting henchmen and antagonists. And there is a dry wit throughout.

And the film is not entirely without stars, Jorge Rivero had made a name for himself as something of a Mexican sex symbol, and in this film as the nameless Pistolero, a sophisticated, whore obsessed gambler and gunfighter, brings the charisma.

the film gets a little long in the tooth in its 2nd act, you could easily lose a good 20 minutes, but still not enough to derail it. it is no for a few dollars more or WILD BUNCH (which it slightly emulates, clearly cardona paying homage to the westerns of peckinpah and leonE), but overall a Compelling fun little film, with a sting in its tail. Grade : B-.

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