Movie posters of the Day!

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for The Photograph

Very Good poster and a great trailer. Lakeith Stanfield continuing to elevate everything he is in, and becoming an actor whose name on a project…  draws accolades and viewers.


Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Charlie's Angels (#7 of 11)

I have no interest in this movie. The trailer underwhelmed. But this is a beautiful and enticing poster.


Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Jumanji: The Next Level (#3 of 3)

I call this the ‘Alex Ross’ shot, even though he didn’t invent it, his work is replete with such iconic posing and imagery. And this Jumanji poster, having a little fun with that concept is great.


Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Terminator: Dark Fate (#3 of 13)

I am surprisingly uninterested in seeing this movie in the theater.


Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (#4 of 5)

One of the few films I plan to see in the theater this year. If you have followed this blog, you know 1/ I am the furthest thing from a Disney fan but 2/ I have been very impressed and enjoyed all the Star Wars films we have gotten since they bought the property off of Lucas. In a perfect world would I be much happier if all these IPs were not being bought up by a single company? Yes, heck yes.

But that is a separate argument. Looking at the world as it stands now, with these being Disney movies, I have to say, Disney, in the guise of Kathleen Kennedy, has done a great job putting out 4 films, in just as many years. After decades between films, Disney rolled up their sleeves, and jumped in.

And the movies have been good. Now whether they agree with the fanfic in your head, or your gender or ethnic issues, that’s a separate question. But as films they have been well made, and all (even SOLO) made money.

So it is odd to cast me, a staunch believer that Disney is a monopoly that should be broken down (not destroyed, but forced to divest of their news unit ABC, some of their film IPs, etc.), now in the mode of Disney defender.

But in the case of a film company that is making films, they have done their job, and I think they have done that job well. With an eye toward fans, and telling quality stories. Now whether they nailed it with you or did not, that’s a personal preference thing, but end of the day they are trying to make the best films possible, so any tirades to the contrary is just uncalled for.

You do not have to love a film. Or a coat you buy, or a book you read, or a dinner you eat. But you make a note of that, give honest feedback or a review and move on, and hope they improve; that they do better next time.

That’s how a rational, informed person behaves.

And by reviewing a thing, I do not mean a “0 I hate it!” or a “10 greatest ever!”, both extremes are usually (not always, but usually) incorrect and ill informed, and says more about how little you have lived and seen, that you think this thing is the worst or the best.

The true grade of something, generally lies not at 0 and not at 10. And if you are  calling the Star Wars films a 0, because you did not like them, or the casting, or the message, you have to learn how to effing grade. You get a zero for not showing up, for not having anything to grade.

You turn in a 3000 page report in school, and your teacher, may despise and disagree with your stance in that report, your conclusions, but that teacher, will likely still pass you if your paper is competently made.

If some of you  were graded in school the way you grade movies, you would never have passed a single class. 🙂

I crack myself up.

Okay, long story short, looking forward to the RISE OF SKYWALKER. Here endeth the lesson! 🙂








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