Youtube Video of the Day : Metal Complex -Knives-Origins-Comics-Disney?

The video by Metal Complex talks pretty entertainingly of the moment people became knife guys.

Now I have had a knife for years, however I did not become a ‘knife guy’, (get bit with the collector fascination for knives, rather than a singular knife as a utilitarian tool)… until last week.

Let me break that down.

I owned a Spyderco knife for YEARS, long before it was ubiquitous to do so. I got it from the catalog THE SHARPER EDGE (before bankruptcy and rebranding when you could get more than kitsh from the site) easily decades ago. It was a half serrated black-coated police model.

Like you grow into the idea of a good car or a good pickup or a good multi-tool or a good book as an essential thing. That Spyderco for me was an essential thing. As much as leaving the house with a sturdy pair of shoes, or a good hat, the Spyderco was a constant for me. All the way up to a few years ago when I had to give it up when going thru a security check. Some security person picked that out of the bin, and is now no doubt walking around with my Spyderco. :).

Anyhow I did end up replacing it with a half serrated Kershaw, that is my current knife and has served me well for years. But knives for me have always been very utilitarian. The idea to collect knives for aesthetic reasons, never really took hold of me… until last week.

Now of course I have been a fan of shows like FORGED IN FIRE, and when I was in Spain, almost purchased a sword set, all emblazoned with the Olympic logo, to place on my walls, but these were fleeting fancies, rather than solid desires.

Last week, I watched an episode of BLADE HQ on Youtube. Then another, and another. And started finding and watching other Knife Youtube shows such as METAL COMPLEX, and the die was cast.

I who have always been a one knife, utilitarian guy, knew I was going to start buying and collecting (as funds allow) knives. Now being I am very frugal, I am not going to be buying any $200 knives,or see myself with dozens of knives anytime soon, but there are surprisingly a good selection of aesthetically stunning knifes at a reasonable (cheaper) price point. I can see myself easily picking up 6 to 9 knives in the next year.

So yeah, check out the video above. But be careful, lest you likewise be bitten by the bug. 🙂

p.s. While I am not a Disney fan, his description of the affect the SLEEPING BEAUTY animated movie had on him, made me far more interested, and impressed in that movie than I have ever been.


Well thanks for stopping in, and come back next installment.

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