Marc Maron’s WTF with John Turturro and Irwin Winkler!

Podcast of the Day: Marc Maron’s WTF with John Turturro and Marc Maron’s WTF with Producer irwin Winkler.

I have been listening to WTF for years. The first episode i listened to was with Jimmie Walker of GOOD TIMES fame, and that episode which played like a surprisingly rich and erudite history of comedy and comedy clubs, blew my mind in just how good it was.

I do not think you can get that episode for free any longer, but it is worth the few dollars to gain access to it. Anyhow that was the original introduction to WTF, and i have been a fan ever since. Talk shows, especially of the broadcast kind, tend to the meaningless and vacuous. It is all about pushing something.

And while WTF also has to hawk wares to keep the lights on, the difference is the content is actually rich, and important and heartfelt, discussions (not interviews) with people who we are introduced to, not just because they may or may not have something to hawk, but because Marc Maron finds them genuinely interesting, and cares what they have to say, beyond catching a sound-byte.

Something you almost never get on any talk or broadcast show… in WTF you get someone passionate about what he is doing, and how he is doing it, and that comes across.

Today I listened to two recent 2019 WTF shows, with Irwin Winkler (Episode 1015) and John Turturro (Episode 1024) and both episodes are so different, and yet both so great, and insightful into the current state of our world. And don’t fast forward the Maron monologues, as that is part and parcel of the brilliance.

Especially the Turturro show, I think, is a very, very important listen. Especially to an America where so few people take the time to listen to anything beyond their uninformed opinions. Start informing your opinions, and you and I and the world, may all start making better decisions.

Listen here:

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