Streaming / VOD Losers and Winners! THE PERFECTION Netflix Movie Review

This one gets a lot of praise, I have to say, I didn’t love it.

The beginning is intriguing, the third act to a point compelling, but that whole bus sequence single handedly derailed the movie for me. I hate hearing people whine. For any reason, I hate hearing people whine, And this just seemed so self indulgent, and over the top. I had to fast forward thru the whole bus sequence, I found it full of just tedious, trying too hard, overacting… and Whining.

Did I mention I dislike whining?

And the final message of the movie, ‘let me save you from being abused , by abusing you’. Ultimately it is damaged people, just spreading their damage. Really? Is this what passes for reason and cogent film-making in this social media/mob mentality generation. And  I saw the ‘twist’ ending coming quite a ways. All in all I found it just a self indulgent film in the worst way. A hard…ehh… I don’t think so, for me. Didn’t like it and would not recommend it.


So I find the THE PERFECTION… far from perfect. Grade: D-/F.

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