PERSONAL JESUS – Depeche Mode vs Marilyn Manson vs Johnny Cash!

“Reach out and touch Faith!”

This is undeniably a catchy song by Depeche Mode.

With synths and Electronics it is one of the cornerstones of the 80s/90s MTV revolution. It is a classic.

Even those who are not ‘Pop’ fans, when this song comes on, find themselves listening to it all the way through.

It is that kind of catchy.

Today I listened to two covers of it that I had never heard. One by Johnny Cash and one by Marilyn Manson. They are all three distinctly different, and good in their own way, however my favorite, perhaps not surprisingly,  is Johnny Cash’s take on it.

It is a haunting ballad, croaked out by a man at the end of the world.

It has a weight to it.

Listen to all three courtesy of Spotify if you have an account.

I think you will agree with my assessment of the Cash version.


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