I like reading. I actually love reading. Reading for enjoyment. And I am always dismayed when I do not do more of it. I have mounds of books waiting for me to dive in. Novels, anthologies, how-to books, non-fiction, art-books and of course Comics. So whenever I get the time to read, it is a good day. And whenever the thing I am reading exceeds expectations…it is a great day.

This Si Spurrier first issue of THE SHADOW I finally got around to reading this holiday weekend, and it exceeded my expectations. Though, in fairness, my expectations were pretty low.

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The Shadow is a character that while great in the pulps and radio shows of the 1920s and 1930s, has seldom been well serviced in the movies or the Comics. And that includes the current crop of comics from publisher DYNAMITE.

The art is oft stiff and uninspired, and stories plodding.

But not with this series.

This first issue of Si Spurrier’s THE SHADOW is a great jumping on point for a generation a 100 years removed from the pulp age origins of The Shadow. Bringing this anacronistic protagonist into a world of nightly news horrors.

I was riveted by this issue.

Comic Books aren’t things that find their way into schools the way they did when I was a kid, but this one comic, removed from the subsequent issues, I think should be read by kids and adults. As it opens a dialogue on the horrors of our uniquely American nightly news.


You can find this issue here:

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