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I just got done watching for the second time RIPPER STREET Season 4 Episode 3 ‘ Some Conscience Lost’.

And for the second time I come away from it feeling… Awed.

It is television at its finest, both harrowing and hopeful, and indictment and an inspiration.

I have been a cheerleader for RIPPER STREET for years, calling it the best show on television. Revisiting this 4th season episode ( a season where most shows, if they make it this far, fall apart at. Shows like HELL ON WHEELS and BEYOND HUMAN (UK) and LOST coming immediately to mind) I am struck by the fact the show continues to be excellent, and continues to if anything be leveling up. A Fantastic, fantastic show.

I have been impressed with star Matthew Macfaden, since his blistering turn on the first few seasons of SPOOKS. Here as a very different type of character, Inspector Reid, he is something of a revelation. And his performance never better than here as a man driven by the question of…. some conscience lost. However the entire cast shines, as this is very much an ensemble piece.

Also stellar is the cinematography by Si Bell, often done from low angles and behind characters, it is everything brilliant camera work should be, epic when called for, haunting when caled for, subdued when called for. And the direction by Luke Watson brilliantly brings to life a script of eloquence and heartbreak by Rachel Bennett.

What amazes about the above roster of behind the camera talent is.they are all new to RIPPER STREET. So for this episode to feel so seemless to what came before, accolades must fall at the feet of writer/show runner/creator Richard Warlow.

An achievement of an Episode. A must own season. A must own series.





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