January 2019 Movies being released Theatrically!

Well let’s start 2019 off with a post showing all the interesting movies being released theatrically in January!



You can view any of these trailers a multitude of places. One to try would be:


I’m not a big trailer guy. If it is a movie I know I am going to see, such as BLACK PANTHER or INFINITY WAR, I do not see the trailers. Much less like some critics and reviewers do, watch ALL the trailers, and clips, and features on a movie, than complain about the movie having no surprises or feeling familiar. It is to diminish the experience for the viewer, and to diminish your validity as a reviewer.

However for movies that are unknown to me, I will watch the first trailer to see if it piques my interest. But once I decide that ‘yes this is a movie I want to see’, I am done with watching anymore trailers or content till I see the actual film.

Of the films shown above, THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING, while I am typically not a fan of films for the juvenile market, this one appeals to my love of the myth of Camelot (instilled in me by the brilliant 1980s John Boorman film EXCALIBUR) so it goes on my ‘to watch’ List. Plus the trailer is charming.

Of the remaining GLASS, THE VANISHING, REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN, and ESCAPE ROOM also had trailers or story synopsis that intrigued me.

None of them am I going to pay to see on the big screen, but will check them out when they come to streaming or DVD/Blu-Ray.


If I am missing a theatrical movie being released this month that you are excited for, let me know. I will give it a look. Thanks and…



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