Today’s Short Horror Films!

Today’s Youtube Short Horror Films!


Dan Allen’s TAP TAP is an effective little horror film. However the lead actress seems a bit on the young side to be doing such a voyeuristic role. And the endig a bit anti-climatic So the short, while well made, is a tad unsettling for the wrong reasons. 6/10.


Some films make you question the mental health of the filmmaker. Michael Rosenbaum’s FADE INTO YOU is one such film. You think it is going somewhere interesting, and then just doesn’t. The ending is like a love letter to crazed stalkers. Just unpleasant. And undermines an initial intriguing setup. 5/10.

Will Phelps’ CAPSTONE’S OAK in 21 minutes delivers the goods in an episode that would feel right at home in an EC Comic or a Tales from the Crypt. 8.5/10.


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