While Joe Kubert, Gil Kane and Alex Ross are iconic cover artists, no one artist defined the iconic cover more than Neal Adams. And unlike today’s typically boilerplate, ‘story absent’ variant covers, Neal Adam’s covers always told a crystal clear, and absolutely compelling, must pick up story, with the covers alone.

Neal Adams covers were action and story personified, and they sold the books. Even when you were sometimes disapointed because the interior art was nowhere as good as the cover. But being the bronze age you typically got a good, and complete story.

Something you rarely get today.

So without further ado, here are my Favorite Neal Adams WESTERN Comic Book covers!



Buy the above DC Special Issue, or view other DC Special issues at the following link:

Buy the above All Star Western Comics, or view other All Star Comics at the following link:

Weird Western Tales v1 #13] jonah hex dc comic book cover art by Tony Dezuniga

Buy the above great Bronze Age Tomahawk comics, or view other Tomahawk comics at the following link:

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