LABOR DAY : Currently Watching

Hey hope everyone is having a great day. A great Labor Day off if you are in the states, and just a relaxing Monday to my abroad subscribers.

Been a nice laid back weekend.

Currently watching FAREWELL MY LOVELY courtesy of Amazon Prime. One of the latterday Robert Mitchum films, and one of the few I had not seen.

It is a remake of the three decade earlier, excellent MURDER MY SWEET starring Dick Powell. Seedier and Dingier and more tired version of MURDER MY SWEET , the film is still nteresting in a laconic, haunted way. But 30 minutes in, not quite interesting enough to keep me watching.

Next on the rotation I find Jet Li’s FEARLESS. Far more watchable than MURDER MY SWEET, this is captivating from the first frame. A variation on the oft told Huo Fist legend, this one expands it with Shakespearean overtones of hubris and the fall, but mated with distinctly Chinese overtones of the rise.

Great flick.


I follow on from that to Aronofsky’s latest MOTHER!  I go into it knowing nothing more than it is something on the foreboding and gothic side and thst it has the poster image of Jennifer Lawrence’s face to drive it. A few minutes in and I realize that may be enough.

There is something odd and ethereal and slightly unearthly about her face, her features. The beauty of alabaster or marble rather than that of flesh. It keeps me embroiled through the first 40 minutes, but with the entrance of the bickering brothers I lose interest in spending any more time to unknot this mystery. That is the risk of unlikeable characters, and allowing the storyline to meander too long. You may use up the interest of your audience. I may come back to watch the ending, but right now the bickering brothers, and byzantine plot, have worn out their welcome.


More updates to come.

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