Labor Day YOUTUBE Comicbook Channel of the Day!

Youtube ComicBook Channels RoundUp :  

SILVER AGE DAVE – SURPRISE COMIC BOOK HAUL -$2 TO $3 per book for those books is a GREAT deal. Reminds me of my Terrificon haul which I will show in another post.

Silver bought a great selection of House of Mystery as well as others. And yes it does look like Grimace (see the video).

Standouts being the DYNAMO #1 cover, and ATOM covers (#14 I am definitely going to buy, as well as Auaman 7). You mention Silver Age covers, and those covers filmed with whimsy. Completely agree.  I am now on a hunt to complete my Superboy Neal Adams collection. All the issues he did covers for.

Good luck on the run. If you are not subscribed to Silver Age Dave, and you enjoy comics, you are missing out. Wealth of information, and advice, amd just love for this hobby. Him and Reggie Collects are two of the best guys out there and they both have crazy collection hunting stories. Wow was about to sign off and saw his RACKET SQUAD and THE SHADOW covers. Excellent! And don’t apologize for the length of videos, in the digital age we can all pause something and come back to it. 🙂  


THE GO2 GEEKS -My Top 50 Comic Books – Always fun selections of books. This time one of the go2 geeks and his wife show off his top 50. Hi Mrs GO2 Geek! You can speak next time. 🙂

They show lots of great books. Iron Man #1, Detective 400, Luke Cage #1, Marvel Premiere #15, FF 48 & 49″ Submariner 35, Special Marvel Edition 15, Tomb of Dracula #10, Conan #1, Captain America #11,  So lots of great books shown.  Go subscribe to their channel, always great content.

Go to Youtube, search for their names, or pull up the Youtube App on your TV like I do. I can’t stand watching Youtube via the website.   

Tell em HT sent ya!

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