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You want to feel good in a world spinning toward bad, try the following playlist on Spotify or Amazon Music.

And the stuff you find you love, do what I do, buy it in physical media.

Sure use the wonderful advances of digital to explore and find and try. But when it comes to holding and keeping? Walmart, Equifax, Home Depot, Time Warner none of them can keep your data safe,

Apple, Microsoft, Intel, among others are building backdoors into everything they sell you. OEMs such as Lenovo and Acer loading up everything they sell you with spyware called free/trial apps. 

Here is the thing, I do not hate technoilogy. I hate the misuse of technology, the built in subterfuge of things like the X-Box which is a marketing team’s wet dream. You remove the ability of X-box to play games and what you have is one of the world”s most sophisticated recording and biometic devices, in use in peoples’ living and bedrooms.

Is it being used for that? Hopefully not mainly, but surely the ability to be able to sell such data, and sell targeted advertising (if not today, than down the road) is inherent in the design.

Again I like technology. I work in technology. This is a great age in large part due to the strides in technology. but it is a horrible age for the same reasons. The misuse and abuse of technology, the glorification of technology without a thought to humanity, always brings with it nightmarish harm. Technology is a fire that can warm and light your house, but it bears constant watching, unwatched, unchecked technology is a fire that can burn down everything you know.

It bears watching, and keeping in check.

Should Darpa and the US Government be spending billions on new domestic drones, and horrific robotic ground troops? On machines that can kill men?

Because we can do things, does not mean we should.

200 years ago, exactly 200 years ago, an eighteen year old girl created what should have been no more than a spooky tale, to tell with friends, to keep back the night. That story she ended up writing, and it became the defining cautionary tale of the burgeoning field of science, and the coming industrial revolution.And the defining caution of the tale? Give pause, because you can do a thing, does not mean you should.


Arguably it is a cautionary tale, that more people should be made to heed.

Don’t leave great things at the mercy of gatekeepers. Your broadband sucks, you should still be able to listen to your great music. Your internet down? You should still be able to listen to great music. Your electric down, and your house on fire? You should be able to take your woman, your dog, your pickup, your portable, and your cds, and listen to your great music.

Even in the face of Armageddon and people who want to kill you( if they can’t buy and sell you),, you should be able to listen to your great music.

That’s freedom 20th century style, and I reckon here in the 21st century, always on, always wired, always observed world, where we have brought cameras and microphones  and body scanning surveillance devices into our homes, under the guise of entertainment, under the names X-Box or Alexa. Where we carry it with us like a yoke around our neck, under names like Iphone and Android, I reckon freedom is still the ability not to have to rely on gatekeepers.

I know bit of a rambling discourse there, a few different things wanting to be heard. Take from it what you need.

Here is some music worthy of being listerned to, without the permission of gatekeepers. I’ll put up links to the CDs later. Enjoy.


KISS OF DEATH by Tinsley Ellis


2:19 by John Hammond


CONGO SQUARE by Sonny LandBibb



‘Remember, you walking up to heaven

Don’t let nobody turn you around.’

— Eric Bibb

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