3 of the best BATMAN Silver Age Covers!

I dislike variant covers for the same reason I dislike multiple versions of a movie, it chips away at the singular vision that is the very definition of iconic.

You think of X-MEN 137 or Spiderman 124 or DEFENDERS 52 or Detective 480 or Wonder Woman 199 (the original volume) you think of a single image, not numerous competing images.And that shared image, that shared connection, that unified concept of a thing in the audience, creates a point of zeitgeist. It is that shared conversation which is the definition of culture.

So I see the proliferation of multiple covers, while in the short term a convenient money grab to the publishers and retailers, in the long term a detriment to the growth of the industry.

Here are some classic and current covers that are bucking or have  bucked that destructive variant trend:



Batman #201Batman #204


Batman #212

More covers next time!


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