Youtube Channel of the Day : FIRST WE FEAST with Sean Evans

Today’s BEST YOUTUBE Channel and WHY





FIRST WE FEAST – An amicable host and a truly intriguing concept, interviewing your favorite celebrity from various walks of life, while they also endure a gastronomic challenge, makes for a surprisingly good show. And what elevates this beyond simple ‘prank’ nonsense, is the host does his homework and asks erudite, humanistic, and interesting questions. Questions the stars seemingly have wished people took the time to ask previously. The Henry Rollins, John Mayer, Tyra Banks, Michael B. Jordan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chris Jericho, and Coyote Peterson episodes are particularly good ones to start with.

GRADE : A must watch show. Along with Marc Maron’s WTF and John Suintres WORD BALLOON  these non traditional, new media interview shows are FAR superior to what traditional tv offers. B+/A-.


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