Youtube New Recommended Comic Book Channels of the Week!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post the type of Youtube Channels to avoid.

This post is about channels that you should be subscribed to. People who are putting out enjoyable, fun content.


CAPITAL JB COMICS – relatively brand new channel, only about seven videos, it is just a fun channel. So far mostly on modern books and CGC hauls. I like the location where he posted his fist video. The recessed lighting against the paneled texture of the wall just made for an interesting video. Just gives a lot of visual and architectural interest to his videos. In more recent videos his location has changed, which is fine. However of the two, that original location for shooting videos is the superior one, so hopefully he goes back to it.

COMICS CORNER CLUB – Very nice production values to his videos. And a nice selection of older and newer books.

TheKMN1971- A breadth of knowledge and content covered in his hauls, from modern to bronze, Silver, and Magazines. His videos are just compulsively watchable.


Well that’s it for this installment check out those channels via your Streaming Youtube Channel. Tell em HT sent ya!



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