How to order comic books in the age of Digital!

“They are into their friends and their family more than the things they own.”

— I just like that quote

Okay first if you want to buy comics monthly, I strongly direct you to Lone Star Comics, courtesy of

I didn’t get paid for that recommendation, those are the guys I use. They give pretty darn good discounts of 35%. There are a couple services that might offer even more of a discount, however for me the customer service of Lone Star Comics, and the lack of problems, makes them easily one of the best on-line retailers I have used. A bigger discount is not helpful if the customer service is poor, and the accounting questionable.

So how ordering comics work, is you go to your online retailer and  you preorder comics, that will be coming out in two months. Might initially seem like a delay, but once those comics start coming, it just becomes a nice monthly cycle.

Use the link below (you’ll need to create an account, if your first time):

And start going through each publisher selecting what you want to order. the discount is automatically calculated.

I usually keep a monthly budget of $50 or $60 for ordering comics.

I generally get all books by Canadian Publisher Chapter House, because their books are affordable at $2.99 or less an issue, and have talented characters and creators.

I get several books by Alterna Comics that offer books for under $2 on newstand.

I get a nice selection of IMAGE COMICS, This publisher has come a long way from the problem books that nearly sunk the industry thirty years ago, and I would say they are today one of the best publishers. Probably most of my books are Image Books. These are over my $3 cutoff, but unlike marvel they offer a better quality product, with more pages, and additional content in terms of letters pages and special features. Also they lack the obtrusive ads that MARVEL and DC litter their comics with. With the number of ads those books have, there is no reason their books should not be priced $2 a book. Just plain greed and price gouging.

Other companies to give the time of day to are Dark Horse and IDW and anything By Eric Powell. His HILLBILLY is great.

Here a sample of a recent order:

In this screen-shot you’ll see those Canadian Comics I mentioned. I’ve been enjoying them three times as much as any Marvel Book and they cost one third the price. That is what you call a no-brainer. I order those ChapterHouse Comics every month.You will also see a couple of DC’s 2.99 books on there as well as DEATHSTROKE (DCs best book, much better than the awful Tom King BATMAN book. Unfortunately they (DC Editorial) are about to ruin all of Christopher Priest’s great work by dragging DEATHSTROKE into the JLA. Well, that’s money I get to put back in my pocket, as i have no intention of reading Scott Snyder’s JLA. Priests run on that book was great, but when he leaves so do I.

Well go here to start ordering/checking it out. Order isn’t due till 25 April so take your time. You’ll be glad you did:


Another great thing about Lone Star Comics (aka MY COMICSHOP) is you can also buy and sell comics. Just a great site.  Here is a link to their inventory:


I’ll go over my April previews, next installment! Till then, be well!

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