Streaming VOD Movie of the Day : TELEIOS aka BEYOND THE TREK on Amazon Prime!

Michael Nouri in Teleios (2017)

I didn’t go into the film BEYOND THE TREK expecting much, but I quite liked the film. In terms of tone and claustrophobic creeping dread it reminded me of a low budget SciFi film from the late 80s, DARKSIDE OF THE MOON. That film I found far more ambitious and stunning than it first appeared, and likewise BEYOND THE TREK.

It doesn’t hurt that the main actress, can fill out a uniform. All in all, I was totally absorbed by this film, and definitely want to add it to my DVD/Blu-Ray collection.

If you like films such as LIFEFORCE and DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, give BEYOND THE TREK your attention.

Grade : B+

T.J. Hoban, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sunny Mabrey, Christian Pitre, and Lance Broadway in Teleios (2017)

Teleios (2017)



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