Recent Fun Youtube Channels/Recommendations! & Great Indie Small Press Books!

Thumbs up to the following people/channels who sent me on quite a journey down Alice’s Rabbit hole, this Saturday.

As one discovery led me to another.

Thumbs up to:

POVhilariousD- For introducing me to the site MIDAS MONKEE


The Pack 003Yohance 002

I hope to be able to bring you a review soon, but the art samples look great!


Earl Grey continues to have one of my favorite Yiutube channels. I’ve bought so many books due to his great recommendations. Such as:



Channels THEBLERDGURL, CRAZYALCAYNE and SINCERE IGNORANCE for putting on my radar the following:



Lots and lots more of those to go over, but I’ll wrap up this installment by shouting out THE AMERICAN STORYTELLER who brought out the history and importance of ALL NEGRO COMICS #1 from 1947. As well as a history of comics and cartoons made and by people of color. People creating a definition of people of color, that w


The brainchild of Orin Cromwell Evans, a newspaper writer of the day, who tired of the stereotyping of people of color by white writers and artists, (similar to the same type of mass media denigration used today on any person of color who does not tow the party line, ie except racism) decided in 1947 to assemble other Black talent, and create the first All Black written, drawn and produced comic book. Unfortunately financing, and the industry of the day, would not allow him to produce a second issue, but thankfully we have this first groundbreaking issue.

Get a reprint copy here:


And one last point, give channels like the above your views and subscriptions rather than the channels of bigots and racists such as JUST SOME GUY and other idiot youtube channels who use acronyms such as SJW derisively, mistaking derision for wisdom and reason, and to hide their blatant racist agenda.

Do not click on their negative headlines. It is disgusting to see great channels with only a few hundred hits , and venemous channels with thousands. Don’t empower people who have nothing more to offer than fear and hate, with your attention or subscription. If you have subscribed to a channel which uses acronyms such as SJW in their heading, you are dealing with a troll and a moron. Make a note of the channel so you can warn others off, but otherwise, spend your time bigging up the great. Seek out the people making the world better, rather than those who just want to keep it, like themselves, miserable.


Embrace and uplift the good.

Fanboys embrace these varients, which generally are publishers and retailers creating this very manufactured and disingenuous scarcity. If you want true scarcity you’ll find it in the books I will be covering in the next few installments,

Thanks for Looking!!!



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