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Now That a Pedestrian Has Been Killed, Should We Hit the Brakes on Self-Driving Technology?

While a fan of Elon Musk’s many initiatives (i think he is a genius, who nearly single handedly has revived America’s (and the world’s) interest in the space program. And I think his Tesla line of cars is awesome, but…) I’ve been dubious about fully autonomous self driving cars. For minor low speed options such as parking and low speed, low foot traffic, jaunts to the narby shop, okay maybe. But as far as high speed driving on densely populated areas, both highway and city, obviously we need much, much more testing.

Yes, negligent human drivers cause lots of road fatalities. But at least there is some sense of blame or culprit or horror or remorse. Some recognition by one human that another human has died.

What we currently know about the Uber crash is the car was over the speed limit and made no attempt to Brake when it hit the woman. Early discussions are quick to make up excuses for the fatality, and look to blame the victim. I don’t like computer algorithms and machines, killing men. Whether that is drone bombers or this new age of mechanized peace keepers or cars, men should not die under the gears of machines. And without more safeguards and testing and oversight, still flawed autonomous cars may make that more of a possibility rather than less of one.


Never Eat Alone! The Benefits of Eating With Others


Linux beats legal threat from one of its own developers

Linus Torvalds slams CTS Labs over AMD vulnerability report

Weinstein Company files for bankruptcy

How do you fire someone. Take their business, and reputation , and life away, on allegations? Without having to prove anything in a court of law? A lot of careers were started and great films made that wouldn’t have been made without the Weinstein Company. And to have such a company and legacy dismantled because of a witch-hunt seems both sad and suspect. If he’s guilty do what you must, but for the love of God lets prove someone guilty first, give them their day in court, a chance to face and refute their accusers, rather than this trial, conviction and punishment all done via social media.

When looked back on this rush to judgment age, like all such ages before it, will be less about the punishment of ‘predators’ and more about following who profits. People behind the scenes using social media and the stupidity and blindness of this age of mobs and hysteria, to whip up suspect tales of malfeasance; to settle scores and amass power.

True? False? We will never know, because these Weinsteins, and Cosbys, and Lauers were accused, convicted, sentenced and punished in the court of public opinion before ever having a day in court. And that businesses are likewise following suit and punishing people on Allegations… it is a slippery slope.

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