1st Quarter 2018 Book, DVD, Omnibus, Artbook, CD, Audio Book and Absolute Buys/Deals!


This has been an expensive quarter for me, but a really enjoyable one. I’ll go in to more detail on the books in future installments, but in short they are all masterpieces.

We are living in a golden age of collected editions and artbooks, with numerous companies putting out truly world class tomes. From FANTAGRAPHICS that helped spearhead this appreciation of comic strips and graphic literature as art, to MARVEL and DC comics finally realizing there is a vibrant book market for their works, to Dark Horse that without argument had rereleased the most exquisite and beautiful version of Frankenstein, in the now out of print WRIGHTSON FRANKENSTEIN (by the late, great Bernie Wrightson) BOOM with their wonderful line of Hardcovers (their ART OF BRIAN STELFREEZE being the single best and most gorgeous artbook of 2017) to GC Press with their wonderful EC Hardcovers, and the list goes on.

A golden age indeed.

Use the links below to see for yourself!





To Be Continued…

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