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UNDER CONSTRUCTION – come back throughout the weekend as I add to this list


This Weekend’s FREE AMAZON PRIME Movies


HELLBINDERS(2009) – Questionable budget, questionable dialog translates into a film I decided against in the first several minutes.


NINJA THE FINAL DUEL(1986)-This poor quality print, non-remastered film, is a weird combination of campy and ludicrous plot and dialog (dubbing) and plodding voice-over , mixed with oddly silly and fun training and fighting sequences to create something that is far more watchable than it should be.


MCBAIN- Finally an honest to goodness good movie. From 1991 in the wake of such 80s fare as RAMBO and MISSING IN ACTION, this latter day entry is surprisingly more interesting and heartfelt and constructed than its often jingoistic 80s predecessors. With a great cast including Christopher Walken and the always reliable and entertaining Michael Ironside, this 27 year old movie transcends its obvious clichés, to be just a surprisingly compelling and enjoyable film. From score to cinematography this film just works for me. In fact the only thing that really does not work about this movie is its title. It is not the story of one character.  It deserves a more lyrical and thoughtful title. Perhaps the ttle used for the main song, BROTHERS IN ARMS. But that aside, James Glickenhaus writes and directs  a surprisingly effective action/adventure flick, which underneath the top notch action sequences, has some real moments of weight. I’d say watch this for free on Amazon Prime, but it is definitely worth owning on DVD/Blu-Ray. I will be adding it to my collection. Grade: B+.