Best YouTube Videos of Week #6 of 2018!

Man just watched WALT’S COMIC BOOK CHANNEL’s ‘Favorite Comics of 2017’ and I loved how eclectic his list was. In a year where a lot of lists picked stuff I wasn’t vibing on (Kendrick Lamar for best song of 2017??? Are you on crack NPR & Others? I find his albums completely unlistenable. There are so many more talented and innovative rappers out there! 🙂 ) Walt’s list wasn’t afraid to go against the grain, poke holes in a lot of sacred cows people are jumping on, and instead just point out entertaining work.


I haven’t read MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTER but the overwhelming praise for it, is reminding me of the hype that ASTERIOS POLYP by Mazzucchelli, received. And that book (for me) did not live up to the hype, or even succeed in being a good read.

As a huge fan of Mazzucchelli’s older style, I didn’t begrudge his new style, it was okay, it was just the story I felt was as empty and vapid and pretentious as the central character. And no, I don’t say that because I’m an action head or superhero zombie, I can appreciate comics used to tackle heady, even existential topics, it just has to do it well. Example of that being done well in the comic medium would be Dave McKean’s CAGES or Ho Che Anderson’s KING (Really looking forward to Anderson’s new GN coming out this year) or David Mazzucchelli’s absolutely brilliant adaptation of Paul Auster’s CITY OF GLASS. All three of those books are light years better than ASTERIOS POLYP.


Mazzucchelli getting recognized for POLYP is like Denzel Washington winning the Academy Award for the mediocre TRAINING DAY rather than GLORY (or half a dozen other movies/performances that were superior). So hopefully I won’t have as negative a response to MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTER, but it is good to know if I do, I’m in good company.


Also Walt, in addition to echoing my praise for titles such as DEATHSTROKE has put on my radar several titles I haven’t tried. Among them:

















So I’ll be checking the above out. I’ll add links in a bit.

p.s. Speaking of DEATHSTROKE… DC Editorial in their stupidity is going to end up killing the momentum of that book, by using the character in their JLA title. You want to save that book, the JLA, you don’t need gimmicks, or stupid events. You just need a writer who can write. The only issues of JLA I have bought, since the new 52, are the ones by Christopher Priest. Snyder coming on the book doesn’t fill me with confidence, as he seems unable to tell great one and done stories, which is what would work well with the JLA. Instead he is all about following event with event which equals… boring.

Hopefully DC will course correct and not ruin the only book from them I’m actually buying. Similar to what Marvel did by killing POWERMAN & IRONFIST.


Till Next Time!


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