Week 3 of 2018: Best TV shows & Movies on Hulu!

American Pickers Movie PosterAMERICAN PICKERS – The new season, season 14 lands on Hulu

The Perfect Weapon Movie PosterPERFECT WEAPON – One of my favorite Martial Arts movies of my youth, I have it on DVD, but it is great to see it back on streaming. Still to this date, THE PERFECT WEAPON is probably the best display of Kenpo ever put on film. Jeff Speakman has quite a fascinating overview on American Kenpo on his website. Definitely worth a read.



Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Lethal Weapon (#2 of 3)LETHAL WEAPON  Season 2 returns from its mid-season break. A series which has been surprisingly good. I originally dismissed this as a HORRIBLE idea, but after watching a few episodes I have to admit I was incorrect. It is really, really good.  I would argue it is at least as good as the Movies at their best. It is surprisingly charming and action-packed and heartfelt.


The Good Place Movie PosterTHE GOOD PLACE SEASON 2- I watched the whole first season on NetFlix, based on rave reviews from the always reliable guys of the pod-cast GEEK SYNDICATE. The host David M was right, i inhaled the whole season in a few days. The first season ended on such a great cliffhanger, that I’m looking forward on seeing how they get out of the mess in Season 2.


TMNT | Donatello and Raphael PosterThe 5th season of Nickelodeon’s TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES arrives, and continues to be great and smart for all ages. It  is arguably one of the best cartoons ever made, right up there with the late Dwayne McDuffie’s JUSTICE LEAGUE, and the CLONE WARS and THE GREEN LANTERN computer animated cartoons.


Taken Movie PosterI do not like the TAKEN movies at all. I think they are not that good as action movies, and there is a bit of Jingoism inherent in the films that leaves a distasteful air. So I had no faith when the TV show was announced, but I tried an episode and to my surprise… the TAKEN TV series is FANTASTIC, it is everything the movie is not, in a really great way. And making it a unit that revolves around one damaged central figure, just works. The first season… great. So glad to hear about the arrival of season 2.

And last but not least there are TWELVE, count them… TWELVE, Godzilla movies available on HULU.
The pre 1998 American remake Toho Godzilla films, are not as good as the post remake films. It is like the tone and scope of the films were really jazzed by the more visually impressive and darker and more innovative American remake.
Even though the American film failed  and was panned on the look of Godzilla, in terms of creating an exciting monster movie… that 1998 GODZILLA film is a roller coaster ride.
And you really see  Toho studios internalize this idea, creating a far darker and scarier Godzilla. Turning Godzilla away from the good guy/protagonist/savior he had become in the 70s thru 90s, back to his original, bad guy atomic  scare roots. But this time Godzilla’s menacing nature is dialed up higher than it has been, he looks vicious. A dark villainy that continues, and perhaps reaches its apex in the recent 2016 Toho release SHIN GODZILLA, the most frightening and horrific Godzilla yet.
But if you want to see the build up to that, watch these Hulu films.If you have time watch them in chronological order, there is a nice progression to Toho’s take on GODZILLA.
if you can only watch one, I would say you can’t go wrong with 2002’s GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA, or 2001’s GODZILLA, MOTHRA and KING GHIDORAH. Also GODZILLA VS MEGAGUIRUS adds a lot of innovative elements. If you are not a fan of any of those, Godzilla simply isn’t for you.  But if you like one of them you’ll likely enjoy all the post 1998 films.
Come back next time for more breakdown on what to be on the lookout for in pop culture in this 3rd week  of 2018!

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