Week 2 of 2018 : Best Youtube Channels!!!

Okay so this week I discovered a couple excellent Youtube channels:



I am a HUGE ArtBook iconophile, so this youtube channel that allows you to view in detail the interior of artbooks… WOAH. In the words of the late, great Bill Paxton ‘Game over man! GAME OVER!’. :). When so much of youtube, or anything for that matter, can be frivolous and useless, this channel is incredibly useful in helping to decide what artbooks are worth buying. I’ve already added about half a dozen books to my buy list, thanks to this channel.



I’ve been dabbling on and off with the guitar for quite a while. Even having taken a few classes, but 2018 feels like the year to stop dabbling and start doing. There is a great 21 day Truefire course that is currently available for free. Having completed the first 2 days of training, I have to say I’m well impressed with the instructor Ravi. I feel he is  teaching in a way that allows you to progress without losing interest, which is oft not the case.

He makes it fun and informative from the start, rather than tedious, which unfortunately has been my experience with the couple of structured classes I’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, I still think there is a benefit to furthering learning in a one or one, or group setting, but I think learning in the privacy of your home, with the possibility of selecting an instructor that fits your learning style (as opposed to the traditional college mode of having to adapt your learning style to the instructor you are assigned) can benefit the beginner.

And the 20 minutes a day, as opposed to the greater investment of time and cost  that a structured class would engender, can work into my schedule.

So yeah, giving this one a go. I’ll keep you in the loop on how the lessons are going.

Excellent resources/discoveries for the 2nd week of 2018!



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