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Today’s reason to watch HULU in Jan 2018! GODZILLA (1998)


Twelve Godzilla Movies available to view on HULU right now! Among them 1998 American version… godzilla!


This 1998 first American attempt at Godzilla, was a disappointment on its first release. Largely because the titular character bore no resemblance to Godzilla, as it had been defined up to that time. It was a rare Roland Emmerich misfire, Emmerich who up to that time had been blockbuster gold; with three Hollywood hits in a row, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, STARGATE, and INDEPENDENCE DAY. Each hit was bigger than before, the writing/directing team of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich seemingly being unstoppable, creating crowd pleasing and money making movies.

However that unstoppable train would get derailed with GODZILLA, the duo’s 4th and last collaboration together. The movie ended up being a commercial and critical failure. Which is a shame, because when you let go of your expectation of this as a Godzilla film, it is really a GREAT monster movie. Rewatching it this past year in 2017, it is an exciting, fun, and grand monster film, and is heads and shoulders better than the later, dreadfully boring, Gareth Edwards GODZILLA (2014) film. Boring not being a sin you can lay against the Emmerich film. In many ways it is the best of the 4, holds up thr best of the four Devlin/Emmerich collaborations.

The later Toho films would take some of those themes explored in the Emmerich/Devlin version, and create better/darker Godzilla films because of it. Even to the latest, the magnificent SHIN GODZILLA (2016). So lets all raise our glass to Emmerich & Devlin’s GODZILLA! Grade: B+.