Happy New Year! 1st Day Recommended Recipe!

1st Day of 2018’s Recommended Slow Cooker Recipe:



I used the first link for my first slow cooker meal of the year, but it was almost immediately apparent that braising actually served to toughen and dry out the meat, rather than speed up cooking.

After hours in the slow cooker the meet was still visibly tough. The 6 hour cooking time, the recipe predicted, wasn’t going to be nearly enough.

As of this writing the chuck steak has been slow cooking for over 12 hours, and is finally starting to break down and soften. I can smell it as it infuses the whole house. I’ll give it an additional 4 or 5 hours, and it should be ‘flake with a fork’ tender by 11ish later today.

I’ll update you in several hours.



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