The media as the new lynching tool? Witchhunts in the digital age. Cosby, Weinstein, Lauer, Affleck, Singer, Spacey – punishment without conviction

Here’s the thing since the OJ case, now going on 24 years ago,  the always tenuous state of what passes for news and journalism in this nation, took a decided hit. We have become a nation where guilt and innocence is not determined in a courtroom, but in the media and by innuendo and where the unproven allegation of wrongdoing has somehow become gospel without trial.

Cosby, Weinstein, Lauer, Affleck, Singer, Spacey the list gets more lengthy everyday, are these men guilty, are they innocent, I don’t really know. I reckon being flesh and blood, the truth is somewhere in between; and the truth, if there is validity to the claims, should be determined in a court of law, and the punishment, if any, should also be determined in a court of law.

But that is not what is happening. The accusation somehow magically is enough to punish these men on. Without a day in court, these men are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their reputations, their honorariums, based on innuendo and accusations.

That is not acceptable.

What is worse is the media makes these often very personal cases… dealing with incidents that in some cases happened decades ago, the major news of a nation; a nation that should be concentrating on more significant issues of national and global import. These men behaving badly, is not as important as voter disenfranchisement, corporate monopolies, institutionalized slavery, loss of a free internet, price gouging by companies.

Is it a story that a woman or man decades ago got flashed or objectified or degraded? Probably… decades ago.

The timing and the concerted pile on approach of these accusations… it just strikes me as talk show bullshit to blind a nation to far more serious issues, with criminals and corporations who are in positions to do harm on a far greater scale and of far more importance,  than any of these accused predators.

For these alleged victims, these women.. and men,   if true, I could see the issue being their center point (however if true why would it take someone else to spur them to file an accusation? If that other person didn’t come forward, or wasn’t paid to come forward, the unbearable offense… what? it would have been just a sling and arrow, that all of us deal with in one form or another. It would have been, this unbearable offense… bearable?) it should not however, be a nation’s obsession.

In the grand scheme of things, these accusations are not that important to be plastered on every TV screen and every newspaper. For the victim, if they haven’t waited 20 years, possibly they feel it is the center of the universe. For the claimed victim’s family… sure. But important to be thrust in front of an entire nation as news?

Not even remotely.

You got groped on the elevator by your boss, file an EO complaint, an HR complaint,  and file a criminal complaint for assault. We have a process and courts to hear your case, if with merit they will be tried there. Save the nightly news for people and companies who can affect the lives of all of us. Companies and individuals that people like Cosby, and Weinstein, and Spacey fought against. The Oligarch’s who fight in true ways to enslave us on a massive scale, to bring back the days of master and slave. Now that is a crime befitting of national and world coverage.

These accused men, combined you are talking dozens of people affected over a course of decades; with Trump, Bush and their policies of state you are talking billions of lives affected, millions of people dead, horrible policies of racism and disenfranchisement put in place.

In 1994, with an America and World coming apart at the seams, OJ Simpson accused of the death of two white people, should not have been on my tv, and should not have been the most important story of the year. Only racism, and the desire by powerful interests that own the media,  made a statistically speaking (this is America where spouses are accused of killing each other by the tens of thousands every year), insignificant crime into a rallying point for division, conflict, hatred, and a distraction from far more serious issues we should have, united, been galvanized against.

Hogwash you say? If OJs suspected victims had been black, would it have been the world shaking story of 1994? Would it still be a story here in 2017?

The answer is an unequivocal NO. Which means the story was never about the murder of two people, it was about the salacious division such a story  of color lines crossed, could be whipped into by a media.

It was a media version of a lynching, which is never about punishing the guilty, as much as it is about instilling fear and confusion and dissension among the masses. Selling fear and hate.

That’s how people in power, stay in power; by keeping you embroiled in the petty, talk show aspects, lowest common denominator aspects, while the larger fights of how well we live, how rightly we live, the larger questions, we don’t get to. Sidetracked as we are with lynchings disguised as news.


Twenty Four years ago that was the case, and it is even more so today.

Cosby, Weinstein, Spacey, may or may not have done bad, questionable things, but that is for a court to prove, and not twitter or the tv screen or youtube. And only then should they be punished, and even if proven, a man’s bad does not erase his good, they must be measured against each other, a man’s falling down, weighed against his standing up.

If some of you rush to, from your high horse, say you have not done the evil of a Cosby, or Weinstein, or Spacey, or Singer, do not forget the other side, that few are you… who can say that you have done the good of these men. Bill Cosby damn near single handedly in an age of monsters and racism, made the lives of many in America, and throughout the world… better, richer. I can not pay in dollars and cents, or flesh or blood, the debt owed to him. To varying degrees that can also be said of a Weinstein or a Singer or a Lauer.

These are men, flawed men obviously, but they spoke truth to power, they fought in many arenas and in many ways for the less powerful,  and they made enemies of dyed in the wool conservatives, among them owners of news networks, who would like nothing better for the people they fought for, to like unthinking  dogs be pointed in their heroes direction… to tear them apart.

What am I saying? Most of us are sinners and few of us are saints, don’t be used by the true sinners, to silence  men whose good outweighs their evil.

And if in your mind, their good does not outweigh their evil, neither does their evil (real or imagined) eradicate their good.

Let us hope at the end of our days our judgment, all of us reading this, lies not in the hands of a bloodthirsty mob or tragedy loving media, but in a benevolent God. Who forgets not our falling down, but also does not forget… our standing up.


We are a nation of innocence till proven guilty. That proof, even in a digital age must be come to in court by a stringent process, not haphazardly jumped to by the mob, often with their own axes to grind. Save casting that first stone to those who walk on water, instead we must embrace the process.  All else is either anarchy or tyranny.

These men are now all vilified for their falling down, I want to take a little space and give just a little bit of space… to their standing up:

O.J. Simpson – Awards And Accomplishments

single season rushing record named player football inducted

1965 Named All-American collegiate football player
1967 Named Outstanding Player in the Rose Bowl
1968 Wins Walter Camp Memorial Trophy
1968 Wins Maxwell Memorial Trophy
1968 Wins Heisman Trophy
1970 Named Collegiate Player of the Decade by ABC
1970 Named to AFC All-star team
1972 Named Most Valuable Player in AFC
1973 Named NFL’s Most Valuable Player
1973 Breaks single season rushing record
1973 Named Hickok Belt Professional Athlete of the Year
1979 Named NFL Player of the Decade by Pro Football Monthly
1983 Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame
1985 Inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame
1993 Inducted into Rose Bowl Hall of Fame
1994 Inducted into USC Hall of Fame

The June 20, 1977, issue of Advertising Age.

The most successful producer of all time, launching careers and making important films that no one else wanted to touch. How the hell does the Academy expel him before he has been officially convicted of something or has had his day in court? How the hell does that work? Enough people start pointing and screaming witch, and we start burning people at the stake? Was he a predator? Did he improperly handle funds related to ONE of the many charities he supported? Guilty, Innocent I don’t have a dog in this fight, if guilty he should be punished according to the law he broke, but prove him guilty first.  I don’t like to see someone convicted before they’ve had a day in court, and a chance in court to face their accusers. Where surprisingly enough most of these accusations don’t make it to court, because they don’t stand up in court. But through the cowardice of trying people on the Internet and the Media, no proof is necessary, just finger pointing.

Harvey Weinstein has supported the following charities listed on this site:


Bill Cosby – From sports to Civil Rights to Comedy to Children’s Entertainment to breaking down the barriers for people of color in the entertainment industry and beyond, people are working today, and shows are made today, and movies are made today, and opportunities are had today that you don’t get without Bill Cosby paving the way and being a staunch advocate and supporter. The effect he had on my own life as a kid in a rough city, with rough opportunities, like I said it can’t be paid.

Did he do wrong by his accusers, most of them from four and five decades ago. I don’t know, but the length of time between the supposed crime, and the accusation, and these stories, it just rings suspect. For any one who honestly actually knew Cosby, I think its as likely that there are several more of the accusers seeking attention and seeking a payday.

Cosby at the height of his popularity, when he could had had any woman he wanted, is going to need to drug these women to have sex? It has been known to happen, but you are going to have to prove it in a bloody court of law, not in the media. Anytime accusers are selling their stories to the media, and making book deals, and getting agents, for an ‘unbearable crime’ that they didn’t report for 4 decades…my bullshit meter goes off.  They are trying this is the media, rather than the court, and that always screams to me… you know you don’t have a case.

And guilty or innocent, how that invalidates sixty years of a stunning career and stunning good done, is beyond me. Colleges and Military organizations that he supported, are quick to strip him of honorariums. You effing cowards.

A man earns a Medal of Honor he doesn’t unearn it, because he ends up an addled homeless addict. Those victories, those moments are fixed points in time, and should not be conveniently erased by another point in time.

I don’t do pictures, I don’t do links when it comes to Cosby. Because I find it unnecessary, I find it a very simple equation when discussing Cosby.

For his supposed victims if true I can see them seeing only his evil, for me and the remaining billions of people on the planet how Cosby actions affected us…is in a positive way. So yes, if true, let his accusers seek and get their day in court, And let the court determine punishment if any. But for the other billions of you to actively hate a man, who has done nothing but push the world forward, is a lynching, pile-on, mob, witch hunt mentality. It is the mentality of cowards and bigots. It is the symptom of an age, where the tail (the media) wags the dog (the public).

If true, it is a crime to be punished, and a sickness to be mourned, not a fall to be celebrated.

I don’t know the people accusing these men.  But I’ll take the good these men have done the many, over the evil they are accused of doing the few… any day of the week.


“When you side with a man, you stick with him. And if you can’t do that, you’re like some kind of animal.”


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