Marvel NetFlix PUNISHER Episodes 1-7 – Grade? Plodding

I thought the first episode of PUNISHER was very good. Around the fifth episode I felt the show start to spin its wheels a bit. And by episode seven I just found it flat out tedious.

The Punisher being pretty much a one note, one dimensional character, that character was always going to be a hard sell to carry an entire series. You then have to use him as a force of nature and rely on the characters around him to be interesting and for you to care about enough, that you want the Punisher to swoop in to save them or punish them.

The problem with the show is many of the characters and subplots, the kid as bully, the psycho soldier, the micro spying on his family, drags on to the point where it is just annoying.

It is tedious.

Ten minutes into the 7th episode I just find I have no interest and am bored.

Will I come back to it?

Eventually, probably with the fast forward button in my hand, but not today.

There are too many programs that I want to and am excited asnd happy to finish. The PUNISHER Is not one of those programs.

And the funny thing is I’m not one of these no attention span types complaining because a season has too masny episodes, I thought all the previous Netflix/ Marvel shows were good, with the obvious exception of IRON FIST which was dreadful and unfinishable, and part of Daredevil Season 2, the whole Black Sky storyline leaving mne cold.

I thought the first season of DAREDEVIL was brilliant, the first season of LUKE CAGE arguably as a whole the most rewatchable and well written of all the shows,  and DEFENDERS while hampered by the idiotic Black Sky premise, overall still very satisfying. However Punisher, who worked great as a guest star, works not so great as a solo vehichle, suffering from plodding storyylines and writing.

Seven episodes in my grade is…disappointing.







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