US Mass Shootings 1982-2017

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2017: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation

You want to curtail these increasing incidents of loathsome trumpian people commiting mass murder, let us do three things

1- Any financial ownings or net worth of the perpetrator, life insurance, stocks, savings, gets liquidated and shared between the victims or victims’ families. This is to include any wills or trusts by this person get superceded to pay the victims.

2- the manufacturer who made the weapon, and the retailer or retailers who sold the weapon get fined for each victim injured or life ended. These fines to go toward the victims and their families. Not fair? If being not fair spurs people to take steps to have these attrocities stop, than I can live with being unfair to gun manufacturers and retailers.

3- The culprit’s immediate family and friends, anyone who has a paper trail with the culprit for the previous year, is banned from gun ownership for seven years or until they have performed three years of non profit service assisting victims of gun violence. Someone in the chain saw the signs and could have alerted or averted the crime. Their failure to do so, can’t be overlooked. Not Fair? Don’t care. If being unfair will get a madman’s friends to turn him in before the fact, or even cause the would be shooter to hesitate, because his actions would punish his family as well… well I’m okay with being unfair in that circumstance.

We are a nation that puts fairness to corporations and madmen above the lives of citizens.

That has to change.


Here Endeth the Lesson.

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