Websites of the Day : How is your hearing?!

The range of most hi-fidelity equipment is 20hz to 20Khz. And while we generally don’t, as listeners have issues with low frequencies, from the age of 30 on we begin losing the ability to hear high frequencies.  And a lot of factors contribute to this decline, with the number one cause just being noise abuse… going to that club with that blasting music, or listening to music at window shaking levels in your home or car, or even working in a noise intensive environment such as a construction site or range or being a fire-fighter. And beyond noise abuse  there are also medical factors that can contribute to hearing loss over time. So generally speaking the 18year old (pre head banging music at ear splitting levels) is able to hear very close to that 20 khz super high frequency, they can do that full range from 20hz to 20khz. Whereas by the time you hit forty, you are down around 15 or 16 Khz as your upper hearing frequency.

That means kids and young adults can hear 25% more than older adults. In a very real way you could create a cd or LP, that only young people could hear. It wouldn’t be the most musical thing, but it would work.

Hey, I see a popular and marketable idea in there! As a kid I would have loved the idea of a cd or lp or audio book that was kids only, that my parents couldn’t hear. Man, that’s genius actually. I’m patenting that idea right now.

All this to say you need to take care of yourself and have regular hearing tests, to  see where you stand,  and meet with a physician to discuss slowing or remedying any decline.

Here are a few great sites for testing your hearing:!/GreetingPrimary


You have to be careful which sites you use to run these tests because some are decidedly off. Where they list a tone as 17khz but it is really just the 15khz tone. Some do this for all frequencies beyond 15khz, so you hear a tone where most adults and hard partying teens shoulkd be hearing nothing. So nothing replaces a quality hearing test, with your physician.



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