Las Vegas 2 Oct 2017

I checked Mother Jones today, and a new American atrocity greeted me.

News of the newest worst mass shooting in American History begins to trickle out.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Route 91 Harvest Festival. A country music festival that I hadn’t heard of till today.

Now it joins the list of American places, such as Kent State, made ingrained in the American memory  for the wrong reasons.

At this time over 50 people thought dead, over 400 thought injured, in no doubt life changing ways, and thousands more in terms of families and friends, with lives marred, and a nation rocked, because one man, whose name does not deserve to be remembered, one person that may have once been a man, decided to fire a gun for 10 minutes they are saying, 600 seconds, into a crowd of people.

600 seconds.

Spraying bullets for 600 seconds.

I’ve been to a range. When firing, 6 seconds is a very long time. For someone to fire for 600 seconds beggars belief. To fire into people, into people, for 600 seconds, …

What a fucking coward?

Not monster, not madman, not mass murderer, not serial killer, what a fucking coward, who found himself for whatever reason unhappy with the trajectory of his life, and too much a coward to be anything more than a loser, in his cowardice wanted others to lose with him.

So from hiding, this morally inept,degenerate, soulless thing, that may have been born a man, cowardly it wants not to lose alone. And it wants to make others lose with it. Such a sad, petty, ineffectual, cowardly thing it takes to do such… harm.

We have to stop enabling cowards to kill men and women and children.

At least 50 dead, over 400 suspected injured. Thousands of lives affected.

Can we talk of gun control now?

How do we keep this from happening?

We make it difficult for someone to purchase enough ammo to kill hundreds of people. We make it difficult to smuggle said ammo and weapons into a hotel room or other building. Maybe we issue rudimentary tests for people purchasing guns and ammo, the same type of personality/psychopath tests we should be issuing to anyone looking to be a police officer or politician.

No one peron, one drone, one fighter pilot, should in 600 seconds be able to affect so many lives.

In the wake of this tragedy, every business that helped facilitate this horror, is culpable and liable, including the gun manufacturers. And no this is not fair, but fairness visited no one in Las Vegas I would argue. But holding businesses liable, those who make guns and sell guns and ammo to people who turn out to be cowardly and callous mass killers, making businesses liable, making the pain of that mass killing, also their pain, if only monetarily, will perhaps spur the gun manufacturers into self regulating and policing, in a way the American government has been unwilling and incapable of doing.

The businesses responsible, the gun manufacturers, the gun dealer, the ammo sellers, the hotel that let weapons of mass murder be brought onto their property and used for 600 seconds,  should cover every funeral, every hospital bill, every amputated limb, or scarred body, every late mortgage or car or rent or tuition payment, every hardship caused… by this causeless act.

How do you stop mass shootings?

You make them cost the companies making the weapons, and then watch the safeguards roll in, to limit such loss of… revenue.


Unlike our Resident Trump, I have no warm wishes to offer the victims and their families, who right now can only feel cold creeping horror, or hot boiling rage… all I have is the certainty that we must make this mass murder the burden of  more than the families of the victims, but the burden of the companies that made it possible for one man, for 600 seconds, to affect an entire nation.

Until we do this we are just paving the way for the next… ‘worst mass murder’.


America, my America. You have to stop putting profits before lives. Or we will all, sooner or later find ourselves in a coward’s sights.





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