KRISHA Amazon Prime VOD Movie of the Day!


KRISHA-closing in on the hour mark and the strings of catastrophe are pulled so tight, that you feel the coming explosion. Whether of the characters or of ourselves, it remains decidedly unclear. An uncomfortable, cloying, and ultimately unhinged portrait of an unhinged person.The worst family reunion… taken to disastrous extremes. I couldn’t watch the film straight through, It was too singular a portrait of a human Black hole, crushing everything around it, in its fall into itself. A lesser filmmaker and I would have never finished it. It would have been maudlin and syrupy. Instead of what it becomes in the hands of writer, director, and editor  (and actor)Trey Edward Shults, a ravishing portrayal of self destruction.

IMDB oddly list this as Comedy/Drama, I saw no comedy here. There is the humorous banter of any familial get together, with the relative who is the jokester, but that doesn’t make this a comedy, anymore than cooking in a movie makes it a cooking show. It is like the Golden Globes trying to call THE MARTIAN, a comedy. Unhinged labels by people who grasp firmly neither life, nor cinema.

To call it Drama/ Horror would be perhaps closer to the mark.

The title character Krishsa, played by Krisha Fairchild, gives us as raw and dangerous and scary and sad and naked a performance as you will find. Made more the strange as this was played against her actual family members. Hinting at an impetus for such a scathing familial dissection, that may be as interesting, but hopefully not as tragic as the finished piece. Not an easy film to complete, but one that upon completing you will find completely deserving of its accolades. GRADE : Not for everyone, but undeniably wrenching and accomplished filmmaking.

Catch it courtesy of AMAZON PRIME

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