Movie Posters of the Day!



Who watches the Watchmen? You can. Get involved with the below organizations, by donating your money if not your time, and help stop a system that is profiting by imprisoning people, whether innocent or guility.


“What might surprise and disturb most Americans is how widespread this problem has become. According to Judge Rakoff’s opinion piece in the New York Review of Books, “the few criminologists who have thus far investigated the phenomenon estimate that the overall rate for convicted felons as a whole is between 2 percent and 8 percent.” That range suggests that, based on a total incarcerated population of 2.2 million, anywhere between 40,000 and 160,000 Americans are in prison for crimes to which they pleaded guilty but did not actually commit. Let that sink in for a moment.”


1 innocent person in jail is a tragedy. 100000 people copping to crimes they didn’t commit because minimum sentencing makes a 1 year plea preferable to 10+ years mandatory, if their public defender lawyer can’t prove their innocence; well that… is policy.

That is a policy of enforced disenfranchisement, enforced caging, enforced enslavement. And when you have for profit companies getting rich taking away peoples freedoms and rights, well there is a name for that in this resident Trump, Charlottesville, Electoral College disgraced America.


That is a policy… of slavery renamed.


They are using the law, prison, barbaric minimum sentencing, as a ruse, as a weapon, not to protect and serve the people, and not to serve Justice, but to disenfranchise the masses and end up with a growing enslaved and voiceless population.

We must take that weapon, out of their hands.

Out of the hands of the venal and ignorant.

And doing thst begins below:


We must take the weapons away from the venal and ignorant, and choice by choice take back our America. And start with the simplest choice… how you spend your money. Do not spend it with people and companies that have a history of disrespect to populations of color. Do not do business with SHELL gas. Do not get your Fast Food from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Do not give your tourism dollars to Red States. Your dollar and how you spend it, ultimately says more than all the marching in the world. We remember the flashy, the soundbytes, such as Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat.

But what makes that historic is seldom the flashy, it is the boring, and the tedious, and the uncomfortable, and inconvenient choices that ordinary people made, simply fed up, that changes the world. In that aforementioned Montgomery Bus Boycott, for over a year, 381 days, Blacks walked, and carpooled, and biked, and spoke with their purchasing power and their faith, and their outrage… against one of the most racist mass transit systems in the world, and they ultimately broke the back of the prejudiced by attacking the one thing more significant than a city’s bigoty… they attacked a city’s greed. And greed and self interest and money, a weapon typically used against the people; the smart application of purchasing power by the masses, made those weapons… for a time… theirs.

Respect, through monetary resistance and responsibility. Know who you are giving every dollar to and make them respect your money, or take it elsewhere.

It starts here.

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