Streaming VOD Movie of the Day : THE TALL MEN on Hulu!

First and foremost, I love, love, love the score to this film.It’s all shrieking strings and discordant base that calls attention to itself in the best way possible.

In a 2017 That has lost us acclaimed directors such as George Romero and Jonathasn Demme, it is rewarding to know that such talented visionaries will live on in a new generation of filmmakers.

Jonathan Holbrook’s 2016 straight to Vod and DVD film THE TALL MEN, quickly ratchets him onto the short list of directors to be on the lookout for. THE TALL MEN, seemingly a updating and fleshing out of his earlier CUSTOMER 152, is for me on every level a bold, new, frenetic, biting, horror satire.

Like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD it is straight up horror, but also like that movie it is a pitch dark commentary that runs underneath, that addresses issues and pitfalls that are all too relevant to viewers today.

Brilliantly performed by all involved, especially the lead whose spasaming quirks, completely rivet.Add to that assured, strange and disturbing direction, visceral, effective editing, and a galvanizing score, and a surprisingly smart and assured script, you have a film that mates the strangeness of David Lynch to the paranoia of Hitchcock.

Along with other criminally unknown straight to VOD films such as EVIL INSIDE and DEVOURED this film, THE TALL MEN, is a gem waiting to be heralded.

Let me be one of the first, GRADE:A-.



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