Movie Mondays : HOT POTATO

 In a saturated streaming 21st century world, where most kids have available at their fingertips, access to move movies and more choices than entire video stores, how do you get people to watch your movie and not flick off of it in the first 5 minutes?

Well you do what Tim Lewiston’s 2011 THE HOT POTATO does, have a great poster, a top notch cast, and most importantly a stellar title sequence.

It is the latter that really grabbed me. THE HOT POTATO despite sporting a great cast, didn’t even make a ripple on its debut. At a cost of $6 million dollars, the film was shot at the end of 2010, and sat shelved for two years, to finally just receive a film festival showing, before being released straight to DVD, also at the end of 2012.

However the film, through free Amazon Prime Streaming is perhaps ripe for the attention and audience, that it could not garner either theatrically or via DVD sales.

And beyond negligible publicity and a Blockbuster geared theatrical market that is not kind to the smaller, more intimate film, another reason for this film to fail at the theater is sans subtitles the film is in large stretches unintelligible. The competing accents, and idioms  and slang, would give even some English speakers pause.


God love Ray Winstone he is a fantasdtic actor, but he like a lot of method actors likes to mumble, add that to an at times undecipherable bit of Cockney, from many of the actors, and you have a film unwatchablde without subtitles.


Enter Amazon Prime, and in the comfort of your home you can enjoy this film,that quite frankly stands up as a more enjoyable LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. Add in a great soundtrack, and one of the best title sequences, and you have a movie worthy of rediscovery!


Strongly Recommended! B +!


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