MUSIC ROUNDUP from Amazon Music to Spotify to Podcasts to buying CDs! June 2017 Part 1

So I’ve recently been on a bit of a music listening and purchasing streak. These things come and go for me, and I can go months without thinking about music, and instead I’m doing a bunch of audio books or OTR (old time radio). However summer in the two thousanth and seventeenth year of a crucified lord has come, and music is solidly on my mind.

Thanks in no small part to online streaming options such as Amazon Music and Spotify, that are available on your Roku Platform or direct on your tablet that makes sampling music, trying before you buy, very listener friendly.

So what have I learned in the last few weeks of my music phase?

THE HEAVY the British neofunk/folk/rock band with 4 albums under their belt is my current favorite band. THE HOUSE THAT DIRT BUILT or THE GLORIOUS DEAD being standouts. As I mentioned in a previous post, in an age of the fad of owning nothing, these are CD’s worth owning.

Solomon Burke, the King of Soul, who died 7 years ago at this writing, left us a tremendous body of work spanning 6 Decades, and 38 albums. His 2002 Grammy winning DON’T GIVE UP ON ME is his best known, but I urge you to get aquinted with more of his work. Including ones that are all but forgotten… his 1979 single SIDEWALKS, FENCES AND WALLS remains one of the most haunting, addictive, and brilliantly arranged songs of all time.

I am loving Dennis Kamakahi’s Hawaiian infused OHANA.

Johann Johannsson’s SICARIO score continues to be one of the most haunting and compelling and dangerous and exciting scores. Joining such masterful work as IN COLD BLOOD by Quincy Jones and UNTOUCHABLES by Ennio Morricone.

If you just want a podcast that will provide you with a great mix to work or relax by, I highly recommend RUBBER STAMPED MIXES. I’ m listening to Episode #93. It’s a homerun.

Okay that’s it for this segment, Part II is on its way.

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