MUSIC ROUNDUP Best Sounding CDs and Lps of All Time! Part II

For the sheer perverseness of it, I put into my search engine the phrase ‘Best sounding CDs’ I was interested in what titles a not-yet closed Internet would provide.

STUFF.TV suggested 39 essential albums for audiophiles. recommends everything from COIL to TOY MATINEE to THA LAST MEAL to THE COMFORT ZONE to 2001: DR. DRE to SPIRITUAL CHILLOUT in terms of being a well mastered product. However none of those content wise, I find to be my cup of tea. So I ‘m looking for something that is a great soundind CD, that also has great content. Are great music. Ones that qualify are:

*SEAL (1994) by Seal
DEEP FOREST by Deep Forest
WIDE OPEN SPACES by The Dixie Chicks (not really a fan of this cd yet, may take a few listens, but anybody who takes a stand against hate and war like this band did (at great risk to themselves I have to add), will always earn a place on my listen to list.)
NEW FAVORITE by Alison Krauss+Union Station – wonderful vocals with an enwrapping and comforting surround of instumentals
IN THE SILENCE by Ritter/Petito – Love the foghorn wail this album opens with. Longing vocals mated to instruments that are more like the songs of wolves and whales.Only downside the lyrics at times can be a little symplistic and syrupy.
*ALL THE WAY by Ce!ine Dion – This is how it is done, powerhouse vocals, indelible lyrics, and great instrumentation. Regardless of genre it doesn’t get much better than this. Up there with SEAL as a timeless classic.

Now the forums at recommend the following:

NOW AND ZEN by Robert Plant (not sold on the vocals, but the placement of all the instruments are nice and distinct. Worth listening to just for that… space.

CLAYMAN by In Flames (uh… no… just no)

*BACK TO BACK (SIDE BY SIDE) by Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges – This is American Classical music. Undeniably great. Essential.

*RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE by Rage Against the Machine
*LEGEND by Bob Marley
DRAGONFLY by Ziggy Marley – this recommendation was unknown to me. Had never heard the album. Just listened to it courtesy of streaming… I’m sold. It is a must buy.
SIAMESE DREAM by Smashing Pumpkins – sounds compressed and distorted at the same time. Some people swear by it but this 2014 remaster just sounds like strained noise
THE RISE AND FALL OF BUTCH WALKER… by Butch Walker – Inventive, bluesy, lounge lizard cool music
CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY by the Raconteurs- I like the sound mix, and I like the sound, singing, lyrics, and instruments… rocks. I really like how instruments will come in in one ear, before conquering both. I’m 3 songs in, but I’m calling it now like DRAGONFLY by Marley it is a must own.

Part III is on its way

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