Why I have no interest in Universal’s MUMMY starring Tom Cruise and not surprised by its poor reception!

Here it goes, I grew up loving the old b&w Universal Monster Movies on Saturday TV matinees or midnight creature features.

And I think as an actor, Tom Cruise has been box office gold for going on three decades for a simple reason, he’s a fantasic actor, and he picks great properties.

So fast forward to the MUMMY trailers and I knew I had no interest in seeing this movie. 3 words why? The Caucasian Mummy. I’m sure she is a decent actress (actually I’m not sure, I’m just being polite) but Caucasian Ancient Egyptians just don’t work for me, have never worked for me. Only exception being the cadaverous Boris Karloff in the original THE MUMMY because 1/it is in B&W and 2/It is Boris Karloff.

And as soon as I see that literal white washing of history, whether in this trailer or GODS OF EGYPT, I’m out.

Yet another Universal attempt to Marvelize its universe seems poised for failure. And it is sad because they have great properties, I mean Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, etc. If they would stop trying to turn them into SuperHeroes and just make fantastic standalone Monster movies, ala Universal in the 30s or Hammer in the 60s, they would get the audiences they are currently failing to get.

These should be Horror movies they are making for the 21st century, not Action movies starring watered downed universal concepts.

I personally think they need to start from scratch and give up the joint universe concept, until they first learn to just make great movies.

Here’s hoping they learn from their mistakes. 🙂


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