7 Reasons why AMAZON PRIME is a lot more fun to surf and use than Netflix! May 2017 Edition!

While Netflix  has doubled down on becoming a huge and successful producer of its own content, increasingly they do this at the expense of being what they were… namely a great and fun repository and consolidator of diverse TV shows and movies.

They have recently removed grades for their content, instead replacing it with a percentage that is supposed to represent how close to your taste the content should be. It is pretty useless.

If you don’t know what you want to watch, Netflix doesn’t make it particularly  user friendly to surf and find something.

Amazon on the other hand is a joy to surf.

1/First, if you are an Amazon Prime member they have an inventory of movies that is probably 10 times ( at least) what Netflix has.

2/They allow you to play trailers of the movies and TV shows! That’s a HUGE plus

3/ They  rate the movies and tv shows on a 5 star scale that I have found to be relatively accurate, and VERY helpful.

4/ They have a tremendously useful feature that lets you see what other users watch after viewing a specific title. It’s like being at a video store and having knowledgeable clerks provide you dozens of recommendations! Far more useful than Netflix’s anemic percentage algorithm.

5/The search funtion is far more user friendly than Netflix’s subpar option

6/You are able to turn on and off subtitles while the content is playing. In Netflix you have to get out of the content to make changes

7/The way you can browse movies and genres in a side scrollong format is far more pleasing to the eye than Netflix’s interface.  Amazon Prime for me very much captures, as close as you can digitally, the video store vibe. That thrill of searching shelves, and looking at box art, and seeing what is popular by using the ‘customers viewed’ function. And it improves on that exerience because of the ease of use of viewing trailers and just the hugeness of their inventory which is vastly superior to any brick and mortar video store ever was.


For these reasons I find myself spending WAY more time surfing Amazon Prime Video and finding cool, little known items to add to my mountainous Watchlist (from Shaw Brothers Martial Arts to Spaghetti Westerns to Black New Wave to Italian Neorealism to Modern straight-to-video-horror goodness!). My recent cool find is nearly a dozen Bigfoot or Bigfoot related films. I love BIGFOOT films! 🙂

So kudos to Amazon Prime for being May 2017s Best Video on Demand Service!




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