Favorite TV Episodes : BABYLON 5 ‘The Rock Cried Out’ Season 3 Ep 20 !

BABYLON 5 Season 3 Episode 20 AND THE ROCK CRIED OUT NO HIDING PLACE – Michael Straczynski had the ambitious idea, in a 20th century age of episodic television, to create something new…. the first novel for television.

In an age where tv shows were done-in-one programs where the status quo didn’t change in any appreciable way , Straczynski in the 1990s launched BABYLON 5 , a staggering series with character development, and sweeping changes, and resonant highs and lows heretofore unseen in dramatic prime time television.

A show with a beginning, a middle and an end. It was the inspiration for DEEP SPACE NINE , and the spiritual  precursor to shows from HOMICIDE to BREAKING BAD. Today the ‘novel for tv’ model is the standard, and the quality of television is exponentially better than it has ever been.

BABYLON 5 is the reason why, and in a series of brilliant highs, the episode AND THE ROCK CRIED OUT stands as a highwater mark not just foe the show, but television as a whole.


And decades later remains one of the finest hours of television of all time!

Grade: A-.

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