Why I continue to Buy DVD and BLURAY and CDs in the age of Itunes and Netflix?


Why I continue to Buy DVD and BLURAY and CDs in the age of Itunes and Netflix?

The first reason is I like to.

Streaming for all the bs of buying things digitally is a very ephemeral system. I love streaming, I love Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. I love the Roku revolution, and the convenience of sites like Spotify.

I’m not an old fogie,(meaning I am old, but not so old as I cannot embrace the useful new) I like Ebooks and I like Digital Comic Books and as I said I love Spotify and Netflix and Hulu.

However, not for one second do I trust things that require a gatekeeper to access.

LOST IN THE STATIC #282 – Just did an excellent podcast on this subject, and it spurred this post. I urge you to go listen. I don’t agree with everything they say, as I’m far more digital friendly then they are. The one guy gets a bit strident (As I’ve gotten older the more a person yells or emphasises a point the less seriously I can take them), turn it down dude, but that aside they make good points.


There are 3 things going on here with my preference for still wanting physical media:

1/ For things I love I want it the highest quality available, with that quality not dependent on the variable speed of my connection, or the number of people hitting the streaming service, or even the weather. For things I love, I want to be able to view it with a quality that is not going to fluctuate depending on the streaming service or my ISPs desire to throttle service to get more people serviced at the lowest cost and effort possible. Or dependent on political manueverings, ala what Congress is doing to the FCC today.

2/ For things I love, I want the special features. I love Michael Mann and Tony Scott films, and I love their commentaries and special features. But especially that Director’s Commentary, rewatching a loved film with a Director and/or cast beside you to discuss their experiences and memories, is genius. The Rob Reiner commentary for PRINCESS BRIDE (yes I laughed initially the first time my Wife tried to get me to watch it. Boy was I wrong, one of the great films, with one of the best swordfights of all time) it is genius, to watch the movie, then watch it again with Reiner’s reminisces. I rewatch that film, and then rewatch with commentary at least once a year.

“My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

3. I want the version of the film as I first saw it. And not having that film change, behind the scenes, where you lose a miute or gain a minute, or lose a scene, due to copyright issues, or the ending changes due to the studio wanting to sell a new version. There is a permanence to a DVD you own, that in no way is the same as an ‘owned’ digital copy that is at the mercy of rights owners, cease and desist letters, or companies going out of business.

So quality and control and a level of permanence, are the reasons that I always want my favorite CDs,my favotie movies, my favorite books and comic books, in formats that I do not have to go through a gatekeeper to access. Now for general watching, or watching/ltstening to something the first time, streaming is great, as long as you realize it is… transitory at best.

Okay, more on this later. Go buy a DVD or CD or book you love.


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