5 Reasons to Subscribe to HULU in April 2017!

With the Resident in office, and a corrupt congress flexing its muscles and bending the FCC to its will to make the internet the play toy of the venal, definitely the free and open internet that made streaming a possibility, and newcomers like Netflix and Hulu game-changers, is under threat.

So now more than ever, become a paying member of EFF and help them fight for you and all of us. You’ll find the link to the right there.

Okay enough with the PSA (Public Service Announcement for those of you born in the 21st century) while we still have unfettered streaming options to Cable TV, let’s discuss what is great about those streaming options this month.

GRIMM- The sixth and final season of GRIMM is available. I just saw the last episode courtesy of HULU, and while not perfect it is a fun wrap up, to what for six seasons has been my favorite TV show.

POWERLESS- Comedy shows are a hard sell for me. I tend to have no interest in the typical sitcom format, but when I find one that works for me I stick with it. POWERLESS joins that brief list of shows. Alan Tudyk is comedy gold here, and all the cast and premise I find likewise chuckle inducing. very much in the vein of the equally enjoyable BETTER OFF TED.

TAKEN- much to my surprise, considering how much I dislike the movies, I find the TV show quite good.

PREACHER COMPLETE SEASON 1 – The comic book is brilliant, looking forward to see if the TV show can live up to it



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