News You Can Actually Use!

Amazon and Walmart Are In An All-Out Price War That Is Terrifying Big Brands

This is only news in the fact that the low price competition by these local retailer killers, is about to get even lower. So great for smart shoppers, especially those who want to shop from the convenience of their homes. Walmart has recently ramped up their ecommerce presence, offering low prices and free shipping, to directly compete with the Uber Juggernaut of Amazon.

Can brain exercises and a healthy lifestyle prevent Alzheimer’s?

SpaceX Successfully Launches and Lands Reused Rocket

Google: More websites falling victim to cybercriminals

US charges Russian FSB officials in connection with massive Yahoo security breach

10 ways to ruin a cybercriminal’s day

Protect your Android device from malware

How to secure Android: 14 top tips for securing your phone or tablet

EFF: Verizon will install spyware on all its Android phones

Verizon is one of those brands like McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken or Shell Gas or Starbucks that I stopped doing business with over a decade ago and have never looked back.


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