Losers of the 2016-2017 TV Season : IRON FIST

IRON FIST – Show Runner Scott Buck helms the first major Marvel/Netflix Failure. Poor Casting, uncharismatic leads, watching paint dry boring scripts, inept and slow fight choreography (all these Martial Artists/actors out here and you can’t get them for these roles?) and a staggering misunderstanding of what people want from a Martial Arts themed show (ie action and people who can do Martial Arts).

How do you not find roles, even cameo roles,  for Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins, Wesley Snipes, Gary Daniels, Donnie Yen, Yanin Jeeja (Colleen Wing anyone?), Simon Rhee, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Jeff Speakman, Angela Mao (another great choice for Colleen Wing), and Lewis Tan (who was cast as a villain would have been better cast as the titular hero).

I like Finn Jones manner, I think he is likeable and watchable, but what he is not… is believable as a martial arts fighter, specifically the best fighter of all Asia. He doesn’t have the build for it, or obviously the skill for it.  The story could have been written in such a way to play down the more patronizing aspects of having a White character in such a role, or better yet hire an actor (ala the late, much missed Brandon Lee) who being half asian and half white, and a real life Martial Artist, can bring a more believable Danny Rand to life on the screen.

It is clear Scott Buck was the wrong show runner for IRON FIST, should it get a second season they really need to get someone who is about the action, the martial arts, and retooling the character of IRON FIST so that like the previous shows, it appeals to the audience for such genre fiction, rather than insulting and alienating that audience.


THE DEFENDERS has unfortunately already wrapped, and the Showrunners for it Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez… I found underwhelming on DAREDEVIL Season 2, so I can see calls coming for reshoots prior to its fall release, to help it avoid the Failings of Iron Fist.


  1. I disagree. I see what you are saying about the casting to an extent, but as a fan of old kung fu shows I think this was done respectfully to them. They were less action and more story driven. I was happy to have something like this. As far as the controversy over Finn Jones by many people, the fact is that the character in source material was a white guy trained by master martial artists. I would hate if they changed who he was just to be politically correct. I will give you this though… The fight scenes seemed sub par to someone (like you said) who is supposed to be the best martial artist in the world. Iron Fist should have been able to hold his ground much better in the fights, but I feel like he almost had his rear end handed to him each time.

    • Hi Scrypt, Thanks for the comment. Yeah I really wanted this show to work,but from the first trailer Finn Jones lacked the charisma and build to even carry the Iron Fist trailer. Now having watched the show, he’s likeable but nothing more.

      And I ‘m a huge Iron Fist fan but honestly I don’t think him being a Blond white guy is a defining part of the character. I think what is essential to the character is being raised American to affluent parents, than adopted into this mystical asiatic Brotherhood. The late Brandon Lee would have made an excellent Iron Fist, or a young Mark Dacoscos. Picture those 2 in this series, and even with the poor writing, the actions scenes and charisma would have been better. They would have made better Danny Rands.

      And while people use Political Correctness as a curse word, the word is actually a synonym for respect. And keeping respect for the fact that you are are introducing this character to more than just preteen boys, isn’t about losing anything, it is about telling more sophisticated and compelling stories with a larger spectrum of actors and ethnicities in mind. What works on the page for 12year olds may or may not work in a tv show or movie geared to adults.

      Here’s hoping at least he’s better in the upcoming DEFENDERS. If they are smart they are going to reshoot scenes as necessary to make sure of it.

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