10 Reasons to Subscribe to Hulu in March 2017!

24 LEGACY – To my total surprise, this show is good, good in a way that 24 has not been in seasons. Similar to what I wrote about Iron Fist… the trailer was subpar, and the actor looked unequal to the task of carrying the show. However I’m happy to say from the first episode I’m proven wrong. The actor is great, and the series fun and actionpacked!

GRIMM- GRIMM is one of the best shows on TV, catch its 6th SEASON here!

LEGION- This show has no right to be this good… PHENOMENAL.

TAKEN – Never a fan of the movies, I like the pilot.

POWERLESS – I watched all the episodes in one sitting. Very much DC Comic’s take on DAMAGE CONTROL, a concept created by the late great Wayne McDuffie. They manage to have a charming cast and fun scripts.

UNDERGROUND – This series is a hard sell for me, as I think part of the problem with the Black experience is too much looking down and back, and too little looking up and forward. Wallowing in victimization unless its purpose is to point you from weakness to strength, is little more than Exploitation. UNDERGROUND however in the first two episodes seeks to provide more, including a stellar anachronistic soundtrack, and at times surreal and visionary direction.
AMERICAN PICKERS – Latest season of this charming show about collection hunt

EMERALD CITY – Stunning visuals by a spectacular Director

MARS- essential watch

MUSKETEERS- All 3 seasons oh\f what I consider one of the best TV shows

UFO- This precursor to SPACE 1999 is brilliant


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